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2 Canton Michigan Police SCHOOLED by ex cop. 2 complete LYING DOUCHE BAGS Good news ONE good cop handled it properly

Friday, September 26, 2014 @ 04:09 AM posted by admin

Officer Champaign and the plain clothes under cover officer need to find a different job or get retrained. They have NO clue on our rights and a master degree on being douche bags CONGRATS you 2 for harassing a innocent citizen for NO FREAKING REASON. Good news ONE good cop held it together otherwise twiddle dee and twiddle dumb may have killed this guy.


Canton, MI — Police detained a man because he allegedly “fit the description” of a someone exposing themselves in the area.

The cops said they were looking for a black male in black shorts, and that was exactly how Mr. Sylvan Triggs was dressed.

However, when Mr. Triggs looked up the actual description of the flasher, it was a tall white male in his 20’s who the police were looking for; not a short black male in his 40’s.

Had Mr. Triggs not been filming this harassment, it could have gone much worse.

Here is that incident caught on film which shows Mr. Triggs refusing to be bullied by these harassing cops.

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