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Cops Beat Man in Streets After “Illegal U-Turn”

Monday, August 3, 2015 @ 08:08 AM posted by admin

NEW YORK — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing officers beat a man after pulling him over for an “illegal U-turn.”

The victim is Timothy Nelson, 24.

Timothy did acknowledge that he made an illegal turn and double parked to pick up some food.

But he was stunned when officers began beating him, displaying needless force instead of simply issuing him a ticket.

The video begins right when Timothy is pulled over.

The officers ask for his paperwork and he cooperates by giving it to them.

That’s when the unthinkable happens.

“He was punching me, three times. He punched my face and nose. I have a chipped fracture in the right side of my nose.”

Witnesses gathered nearby and were startled to see the man being beaten.

One woman pulled out her phone and began filming cops, but one of the officers knocked the phone out of her hand.

That’s when the officers made the crowd move back as the beating continued out of sight of the camera.

“You can hear me screaming. They’re kneeing me and pulling my hair. It was just too much,” Timothy said.

Timothy did acknowledge that at one point he struggled to defend himself, because he was concerned for the safety of his life.

The video has made the rounds online and first appeared on Facebook.

Timothy has pleaded not guilty to the charges they gave him and he’s scheduled to appear in court on September 10th.

“I really wasn’t doing anything,” he said.

Whether the cops will be disciplined or charged and convicted for assault is not known yet.

But we’re guessing they’ll get away with it.

Watch the video below:

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