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St Clair Shores Michigan Cop Caught on Dashcam Plotting to Kill Dog

Michigan resident Brittany Preston is suing the City of St. Clair Shores, police officers David Jacquemain and Jeremy Moskwa, and Animal Control Officer Tom Massey for violation of her Fourth Amendment rights as well as her civil rights in executing her beloved pet.

Preston’s dog, Lexie, was a 45 pound lab mix who was shot multiple times by these officers. The independent necropsy found that she had died from 15 bullet wounds from a suspected 8 bullets fired into her.

According to statements made by Preston, police surrounded the dog as her grandfather tried to let her inside the house.

The police report says the dog charged police and they shot her, however, Preston says witnesses told her that the dog cowered against the house as the officers kept shooting.

Neighbours cried as they filmed the incident.

All of this, over a noise complaint.

The dog was being watched by Preston’s grandfather who suffers from mild dementia and sleeps with a sleep apnea mask on while she worked her overnight shift. He had left her out in the yard and forgot about her.

In the disturbing dash cam footage taken before the incident, the officers are heard outside the residence planning to kill the dog.

“The only thing I’m going to do is shoot it, I do not like dogs.” an officer is heard saying.

Watch the videos below:

After being shot Lexie was still alive for hours, she can be seen here walking into the animal control vehicle

The officers are still currently armed and dangerous on the streets in Michigan.


Man Down Video Portrays The Truth About Police Abuse.

Today, someone will have their life threatened by someone who believes their costume gives them the right to do whatever they want. As long as we think that we can hold Government accountable, nothing will change. When someone investigates and answers only to themselves, they will do what they want, when they want. We can live in a world without the the threat of being ruled by force, but first we must understand that we are free already and do not need anyone’s permission to live or exist.

“Even if you see something everyday, it does not mean it should be accepted as normal or OK”

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Man Heartbroken After Cop Shoots Service Dog in the Head – Dog Helped Down Syndrome Children

SAN DIEGO, CA — Community prayers and hopes are going out to a devastated San Diego man after police officers shot his service animal companion to death.

Ian Anderson is absolutely heartbroken after losing Burberry, his pet dog who was his service companion and member of his family.

The incident happened on Sunday when officers were near Ian’s house looking into a “domestic disturbance” call they claim they received.

Ian said that at one point, the officers knocked on his front door.

The knock caused 6-yr-old Burberry to begin barking, as most dogs typically do.

When Ian opened the door, Burberry got out, but did not attack anybody.

Burberry actually stopped barking and one of the police officers bent down and began petting Burberry, according to reports.

But a second officer evidently chose to escalate the situation.

“The other officer yelled and screamed at the dog for no reason to get inside. It startled the dog,” said Ian.

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Cop Shoots Dog Chained Up In Its Own Yard, Throws Body in Trash

MERRICK COUNTY, NE — A Merrick County Nebraska cop took it upon himself to shoot and kill a dog chained up in its own yard after neighbors called 911 and claimed that the dog had “bitten a child.”

The Merrick County Sheriff’s Office claims that a deputy came to the scene and attempted to “capture the animal for quarantine (to verify vaccination records)…”

When the deputy capture the dog, the dog “attempted to attack” the deputy, at which point the deputy “put down” the dog.

The owner’s account differs significantly. She was never given a chance to defend her dog, Sophie, who was on her tether in her own yard, a fact the the killer, Jim Lindenklaus, never reported.

The little boy had been interacting with her son that same day and there had been no problems with the dog.

According to the cop, the chained up dog was a deadly threat to him because she was growling and had her hackles up so he had no choice but to shoot her twice. Proper protocol was not followed in this case.

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