Brave Cop Speaks Out Against Police Brutality On U.S. Citizens [VIDEO]


The Free Thought Project has published a video in which a brave police officer has taken the risk of publicly condemning the series of brutalities citizens have suffered, and are still suffering, at the hands of his fellow police officers in recent times in the United States.

The officer is said to come from the state of Georgia and has been identified as Billy Ray Fields. He took a strong stance against the rampant police abuse of power nowadays.

The video was originally posted on Mediatakeout and has since gone viral on many social media platforms. In the video, Officer Fields pointed out that he has taken a huge risk in speaking against his ‘bad colleagues’ because he felt their actions are unacceptable and they are likely to destroy America’s future.

“When I became a cop, I took an oath knowing what I would face in these streets … This young generation they’re our future and some of them don’t have a clue nor a plan. So it’s not only my job to uphold the law, but to show, guide and lead them in the right direction.”

Fields also stated that he supports the police accountability movement by activists, in order to hold bad cops accountable for their actions. He said due to the behavior of his bad colleagues, people often tell him that, “it’s a bad time to be a cop,” to which he replies them that now is a, “perfect time to be a cop.”


He urged and expressed his gratitude towards a movement that has also begun to expose the illicit actions of bad officers by secretly recording their encounters with citizens.

However, he admitted that the video might make him a soft target to higher authorities in the profession, as officers who cross the “thin blue line,” and speak out about abuse and corruption often find themselves blackballed from the profession of policing altogether. He called for respect from officers towards citizens, arguing that citizens are the reason officers are given that uniform they wear.

“I’m the same guy with the badge on as well as off. I give the dope boys and gang members the same amount of respect and courtesy as I would a judge or a lawyer. Because at the end of the day we’ve all done bad at one time or another. It’s not my job to judge how you choose to live your life, as we are all one nation under God.”

Fields’ courage and braveness have been admired by many. He added that he is man a man of his words and that his fellow good cops should stand up and speak against the abuses and brutalities of the few bad ones who have brought the image of the profession into disrepute.

“My words are real and I stand behind what’s right. So to the actual good cops out there I salute ya’ll, stand up, cause this too shall pass. But the bad cops out there, man go cut yourself and go jump in the ocean for me. My people, continue to record. I’m Billy Ray and I’m out.”


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