Deeply Disturbing Video Shows NYPD Cops Beat, Taser 85-lb Dwarf Man


The video shows police barge into a home, grab the 4′ 8″ sickly man, who weighed no more than 85 pounds and begin to attack him

New York, NY — A very disturbing video taken by a disabled man’s brother shows NYPD cops violently assault a 4′ 8″ man during a call, tasering and punching him until he passed out.

According to police, they were responding to a domestic violence call — not made by a victim — but by a neighbor who heard commotion next door. William Colon is the 4′ 8″ tall, 85 pound man who police accused of domestic violence.

As the video shows, police tell Colon that he better open up the door or they will “blast it” open. When Colon opens the door, the cops barge in and throw the tiny sickly man down on his bed as they begin their assault.

“I was trying to ask them, ‘What did I do?’” Colon, who has no criminal record, told the Daily News in an exclusive interview. “I was very scared. I suffer from social phobia. I was very confused.”

As cops barge in, multiple officers surround him—as if the shirtless 85 pound man with scoliosis was a threat. Officer Vincenzo Trabolse then begins pounding the child-sized man with his massive fists.

For good measure, Trabolse then pulls his taser our and starts zapping Colon until he falls unconscious.

As the Daily News reports, Colon is afflicted with a range of health issues that he claims have made him frail. He says he has Mauriac Syndrome, an illness related to diabetes that causes dwarfism. He is also asthmatic, has curvature of the spine and has an intestinal disorder.

“When they Tased me, my blood sugar skyrocketed,” Colon said. “I was very nauseous and pale and vomiting. They thought I was going to go into a diabetic coma. I had to go for X-rays. My body was sore and bruised.”

“I was shocked at the sheer amount of brutality that the officers inflicted on him,” said lawyer Chris Pisciotta of the Legal Aid Society. “He was handcuffed. He wasn’t posing a threat. I don’t understand the lack of humanity of it.”

Naturally, the NYPD and the District Attorney’s office are urging the public not to draw any conclusions from the video that shows their cops pummeling a sickly man 1/4 of their size.

“We understand there are questions regarding police conduct in this situation and we can assure the public we will continue to review all evidence and investigate that matter, but have no further comment at this time,” said a spokesman for DA Michael McMahon.

McMahon went on to then make a slew of accusations against Colon.

“The majori

ty of the time he was in the hospital was for psychiatric observation because he had a history (of psychiatric issues),” the official said. “We have eight body-worn camera videos which support our report. And you can hear the brother saying, ‘Stop fighting, stop fighting, don’t resist’ the whole time.”

Chief Patrick Conry, an NYPD spokesman, said the department is “ aware of the incident and there is an open internal affairs investigation.“

McMahon’s office defended charging Colon with assault and resisting arrest by claiming Colon hit his girlfriend, Lissette Torres.

“This is a case where the police responded to a domestic violence call where a woman suffered clear and obvious injuries to her face,” the spokesman said. “Justice requires that we take that matter seriously, which we do in all domestic violence cases.

Colon admits the two were arguing because Torres wanted to take back the gifts she gave him for his birthday, but as far as the hitting is concerned, Colon says that never happened and Torres agrees.

Torres told the  Daily News that cops threatened her with arrest if she didn’t sign a complaint against her boyfriend of four years.

“They kept trying to get me to write a statement. I said I didn’t want to press charges,” she said. “They told me I was going to get locked up for vandalizing the house if I didn’t. I was frightened. I didn’t want to get arrested. They told me what to write word for word.”

What’s more, Torres says that multiple cops have continued to harass her, telling her not to drop the charges.

Now, if Torres reverses her claim, she could be charged with making a false statement, even though she says police made her do it.

Below is this disturbing video.


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