Florida Cop Arrested for Selling Drugs out of his Patrol Car while in Uniform


The Bonifay police officer is accused of selling opioids from his patrol car.

After a month-long investigation, a Florida police officer was arrested for selling prescription opioids out of his squad car while in uniform.

At the request of the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement(FDLE) opened an investigation into 45-year-old Bonifay Police Officer Dwayne White.

During the investigation, agents were able to purchase opioid tablets from White while he was in uniform and in his patrol car.

According to investigators, White used his personal cell phone to set up sales.

White is currently sitting in Walton County jail on selling a controlled substance within 1000 feet of an assisted living facility as well as unlawful use of a two-way communications device charges.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement took to Facebook this weekend to release a statement regarding the arrest. According to the post, both Holmes County Sheriff’s Office and Bonifay Police Department are fully involved in the investigation.


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