Florida Cops Shoot and Kills Deaf Man For ‘Talking Too Loud’


A deaf man was shot by Volusia County sheriff’s deputy Joel Hernandez and the excuse the killer cop gave boils down to the fact that he was talking too loud.

Now Deputy Hernandez was under investigation for fatally shooting Edward P. Miller, police sources say. But since then officials have decided to let him off the hook with no charges.

The Sheriff’s department tells us that Hernandez was responding to an unrelated matter at Fryer’s Towing when he over heard a verbal disagreement between Miller and an employee of Fryer’s Towing.

Watch the local report from WESH Orlando below…

Sheriff Ben Johnson said that Miller was in legal possession of a holstered firearm. This was not in violation of any law, and Hernandez has had to contend with that in developing his narrative of the events.

Our friends from The Free Thought Project reported last Fall that “Edward Miller and his son Edward Jr. went to Fryer’s towing Friday to settle a dispute about a towed vehicle.”


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