Georgia Deputies Kill Dog, then Order Owner to Decapitate it


Georgia deputies forced a man to cut off the head of his dog after shooting it.

Or go to jail.

The man chose to decapitate his dog named Big Boy.

Big Boy’s owner Joe Goodwin recorded the incident with his cell phone.

Crawford County sheriff’s deputy James Hollis arrived at Goodwin’s home after Big Boy allegedly bit two people.

A Crawford County deputy shot the dog moments earlier.

The video begins with Hollis telling Crawford he’ll take him to jail unless he cuts off his dog’s head.

Goodwin wanted to take his dog to the vet.

“I tell you what,” Hollis yells at Crawford.

“I will (sic) takes you to jail and charge you and we’ll see how much a lawyer is then.”

“Charge me for what?”

“When I get there–when I get there and give you the charges.”

“With what? Are you going to make it up”

“I don’t make up anything. I’m gonna give you Georgia law, OK?” Hollis threatens.

“What’s the Georgia law? What law did I break?” Crawford asks.

“I tell you what, sir. You can sit there and try to record all you want, OK. We asking you to cut the dog’s head.”

“And you refusing right?”

“I ain’t even got a fucking knife to cut the mother fucker off,” Crawford tells the deputies before he begins to narrate.

“I have to cut my dog’s head off.”

“Because the cop just told me to.”

“Or if not, I’m going to jail, ya’ll.”

“That man right there. Then when I told him I did not want to cut my dog’s head off. He grabs me by the damn shirt and slams me against the truck, because I’m cussing.”

“It’s not against the law to cuss.”

Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker said Hollis shouldn’t have told Crawford to behead his dog.

“They did get someone on the phone with the health department that made an attempt to tell the gentleman what he would need to do,” Walker said.

Walker said it’s standard protocol to call the health department when they think a dog might be rabid.

“That shouldn’t have been done on the scene from what I gathered”, Walker told 13WMAZ.

“We would not transfer an animal in that situation. That’s up to the health department. We would respond, and we would notify them,”Walker said.


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