Inkster Michigan man thanks officer who bought his daughter a car seat


WESTLAND, Mich. – Tuesday night we introduced you to Lavonte Dell, the Inkster man whose Facebook post about a traffic stop in Westland went viral.

Yesterday, Dell got the opportunity to thank the officer who he says changed his life.

Dell hugged Westland police officer Joshua Scaglione and thanked him for his selflessness. Earlier this week, the officer stopped Dell for tinted windows, but noticed that his 3-year-old daughter wasn’t in a car seat.

Rather than give Dell a ticket, the officer took him to the store and bought one for his daughter.

Dell was so stunned that he never got the officer’s name, so he posted about it on Facebook. “I don’t know if I gave you too much attention.” Dell told the officer.

Officer Scaglione replied by saying, “What you did was give positive attention to this department and to law enforcement and I can do nothing but thank you for doing that.”

Scaglione says this story has gone national and that he has been receiving notes from people across the country thanking him for what he did.


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