Michigan Cops Handcuff 11-Year-Old at Gunpoint


Body cam footage shows Michigan cops handcuffing an 11-year-old at gunpoint while looking for an attempted murder suspect on December 6.

The only problem: the murder suspect was a 40-year-old white woman named Carrie Manning.

Footage from the 45-second clip shows Grand Rapids cops treating Honestie Hodges like an adult suspect as she screams in terror.

Honestie approaches police with  her hands up, but apparently approached too quickly for one of the officers.

He tells her to put her hands on her head, instructing her to turn around and walk backwards towards him.

“You’re fine. You’re not going to jail or anything,” one officer tells Honestie while he cuffs her as her mother screams at officers in the back ground.

“That’s my child!”

“She’s 11 years old!”

“I didn’t know what was going on,” Honestie, who was on her way to the store with her mom when police confronted them outside of their door, said.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” she told WXMI.

“I’ve never got in trouble by the Grand Rapids Police. I used to want to be a Grand Rapids police officer, but ever since that happened, I want nothing to do with them.”

Grand Rapids Police Chief  David Rahinsky said the officers acted incorrectly during a press conference, which can be seen below.

“Are there incidents where you deal with young people who present a danger to either other people or themselves? Yes,” Rahinsky told reporters.

“But I don’t believe this is one of them.”

“You listen to the 11-year-old’s response, it makes my stomach turn,” he said.

“It makes me physically nauseous.”

“I think we need to take a look at everything we do because if an officer can point to policy or can point to training or point to hiring and say, ‘This is what I was told, this is how I was taught, this is consistent with practice,’ then we’ve got a problem



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