New Jersey Police Buy a 9-year-olds Artwork After Receiving 911 Call on Her


The 9-year-old’s neighbor called 911 on her for selling her artwork and the police came and bought the artwork from her.

Late Friday evening, Claudette Scrudato, of Waretown, New Jersey, posted a photo of her daughter online with four Ocean Township Police officers.

Scrudato’s daughter, Kacie, was going around with her friend trying to sell her artwork and apparently went to the wrong house, considering one of her neighbors called the police on her.

When Waretown police officers showed up, they told Scrudato that the person who called was concerned about where the money was going, according to Scrudato’s comment on the picture she posted on Facebook.

Family member Vanessa Scrudato also took to the comments section stating that the officers came back after their shift to buy her artwork from her.

Kacie’s mother wrote that her daughter was so happy that she cried


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