Pennsylvania State Trooper robs toll booth and kills 2 people and then gets shot and killed by police


A retired Pennsylvania state trooper shot and killed a turnpike worker and a security guard while attempting to rob a toll booth on the Fulton County Exchange before being shot and killed by police at approximately 7 a.m. this morning.


According to local reports, retired officer Clarence Briggs, 55, parked his car next to the Fort Littleton exchange, 80 miles west of Harrisburg, then ordered two toll workers away from the tolls and into a nearby building. He attempted to tie them up, but a fight ensued and Briggs left the building.

When a security van arrived to collect the tolls, one of the toll workers, Danny Krouse, 55, ran to the van, but Briggs reemerged. Briggs fatally shot Krouse and one of the security guards, Ronald Heist, 71, who was also a retired York City police officer.

Briggs then stole the van, drove it to his parked car, and was attempting to transfer the money to his vehicle when police arrived. A shootout ensued, and Briggs was fatally shot.

Briggs had been a Pennsylvania State trooper for 26 years before retiring in 2012.


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