Southgate Michigan Police Corruption History


RECENTLY  Southgate Police has already been SUED for their actions. in part of the lawsuit that resulted in Southgate Michigan to have to pay the defendant but also injuring the defendant. Below is in the lawsuit filed which the defendant was awarded compensation for these actions resulting in the lawsuit. 2:12-cv-14557-PDB-PJK

You can see the full document (PDF file on the lawsuit) on the Southgate Michigan page showing some of Southgate police actions over the past few year check out how much this cost US taxpayers for police brutality in Southgate Mi, Southgate P.D. Police Brutality case can be seen here



Despite DEFANDANT having complied with all of the officers orders and having answered all of their questions, GRATZ and SZYMONIAK turned inexplicitly hostile toward him. then Officers GRATZ and SZYMONIAK grabbed the defendant and threw him to the ground.
Then with the defendant lying on the cement with Officer Gratz/Szymoniak lying on his back the officers then slammed his head into the concrete. Now if that is not good enough for someone who was not allegedly wearing his seat belt with his 18 year old son watching.
Then for good measure some of the other 5 officers mentioned in this civil lawsuit started punching him in his head. That is 7 officers with some officers beating on 1 person who was not wearing a seat belt all while his kid watches this. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! This is what taxpayers are paying you for? These officers are acting like thugs plain and simple, where conversation is not a option just sheer force and police brutality then charge the defendant for resisting as he is getting beaten,
No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.
What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?
Even funnier is Officer Mack comments in the video on this page, he says what is my daughter/kids going to think when they see this video of you accusing me of being high? Well Officer Mack what did you officers tell the 18 year old son when you beat dads ass over a seat belt? Like me telling my kids when they clearly can see in the video nothing wrong was done to be pulled over, arrested and my wife and friend threatened? What the HELL do we tell our kids? We tell them that cops are NOT to be trusted, and to always video tape these cops who keep VIOLATED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! In fact due to our new generation of cops gone bad, citizens of this great country have NO TRUST in police officers!

Southgate Police Department has a history of Police Misconduct. Even when the Chief Of Police (Chief Hall) did the right thing then Mayor Dennis David reinstates wife beater Brian Klonowksi. This site was created to allow the public to see how the officers that citizens pay their salaries act in public on and off duty. This site is to address police abusing their powers and violating peoples rights. 4th amendment rights is the one right that seems to be violated the most. (Improbably cause, illegal search and seizures)

The prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures particularly affects the work of law enforcement personnel by restricting the actions that they may take in performing a criminal investigation; however, the ban also disallows unreasonable searches and seizures in the civil litigation context. Law enforcement may only conduct a search if individualized suspicion motivates the search. The Fourth Amendments Rights prohibits generalized searches, unless extraordinary circumstances place the general public in danger.


For those who have been arrested or pulled over by a officer for NO reason demand the in car video. It may take a few subpenas to get it but if you want to be found innocent and possible SUE the City this video is a MUST. You may also want to purchase your own in car video system to save yourself time, money and aggravation trying to get the video from the police dept.

Also officers cannot demand you leave a scene when you are a safe distance away and not interfering with the investigation, if they demand you to leave for no reason your rights have been violated. We have the right to video tape on public property and the right to observe as long as there is NO interference.

Last time I checked this is AMERICA and if you think you can tell people to go away so you can carry on with your illegal search or arrest YOUR WRONG. Its obvious Police Officers need to learn the Constitution and if they violate your rights they should be FIRED. They are hired to protect our rights NOT violate them. Thug officers who think they are above the law MUST BE FIRED!!!!!!!


THE GOVERNMENT IS TO FEAR ITS CITIZENS, CITIZENS ARE NOT TO FEAR ITS GOVERNMENT. But we are now living in a police state where a simple traffic violation can turn into a full blown incident.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety!!!!!!!!!!!!


Another issue is our 1st Amendment rights of FREE SPEECH. We are allow to free speech (including the internet) and to threaten a citizen by saying do NOT post anything online about the police is a CLEAR VIOLATION OF OUR 1ST AMENDMENTS RIGHTS as the prosecutor of Southgate police dept openly did in court.

When officers are doing their job properly there is NO need for swearing or belittle its citizens as Police Officer, Officers must earn respect and a sure fire way not to get that respect is to treat the citizens you are hired to protect in a threatening or harassing manner and violating their rights.

Of course consult with a lawyer to make sure the right paperwork is filed properly.

Below is Southgate past Police Officer misconducts on public file.


Former Southgate officer sentenced to one to five years for misconduct in office

DETROIT — A former Southgate police officer was sentenced today to one to five years in prison for misconduct in office, a felony. Emmanuel Paravas, 44, was acquitted of two other charges — neglect of duty and third-degree criminal sexual conduct — in a weeklong trial that began May 14 before Wayne County Circuit Judge Annette Berry. The charge of criminal sexual conduct carried a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison upon conviction. The other charge could have resulted in a one-year sentence.

Paravas was charged last year after an exotic dancer accused him of raping her at about 3 a.m. Feb. 9, 2011, at Holiday Inn Southgate, 17201 North Line Road, while he was on duty. He had responded to a domestic dispute between the woman and her husband at about 1 a.m. at La Quinta Inn, 12888 Reeck Road. Paravas separated the husband and wife and took the woman to Holiday Inn and checked her in to a room. He returned once when he saw her walking outside and she asked him to get money from her husband for her. When he returned the second time to tell her he hadn’t gotten any money from her husband, the two had sex. The woman said Paravas handcuffed her and raped her. Paravas said the sexual encounter was consensual. When the verdict was announced at the end of the trial that Paravas was acquitted of the most serious charge, the judge remanded him to custody in the Wayne County Jail for the misconduct conviction. Michael Rataj, Paravas’ attorney, said in May that he would appeal.

He said the sentencing guidelines for his client are zero to three months, which usually results in probation. Today, Rataj said he would appeal the sentence and the conviction. “The sentence is outrageous,” he said. “She sentenced him as if he were guilty of the CSC, which the jury found him not guilty of,” Rataj said. Paravas is still in custody in the Wayne County Jail. Rataj said he has two motions to file and argue in circuit court and then will take the case to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Paravas resigned from the Southgate Police Department March 10, 2011, and was charged May 31, 2011.

Fox 2 News Headlines Southgate Michigan Police Brian Klonosky Officer Charged In Domestic Violence Officer Brian Klonowski – Southgate PD Southgate Police Officer Brian Klonowski was rebuffed by Gina Falconer, when he attempted to make advances on her at a party in April 2004. ax-300x225

Southgate Police Officer Brian Klonowski was rebuffed by Gina Falconer, when he attempted to make advances on her at a party in April 2004. Officer Klonowski yanked Gina out of her chair by her shirt….Threw her to the ground….Restrained her by sitting on top of her, and began punching her in the face….It took four people to get Officer Klonowski off of Gina…She suffered a hemorrhage to her eye, a broken nose and abroken bone above her eye. OfficerKlonowski was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.


Instead of suspending Officer Klonowski after he was arrested for brutally beating Gina, the Southgate PD just reassigned Klonowski to desk duty. On August 5, 2004, Officer Brian Klonowski pleaded no-contest to an assault charge. Klonowski was placed on probation for eighteen months AND was suspended without pay from the Southgate PD for one year. On August 06, 2004 [just as his unpaid suspension from the Southgate PD had begun], Klonowski was given a court-appointed job by District Court Magistrate Maria Nevalo. Klonowski only had served three months of his eighteen month criminal probation and his one year suspension from the Southgate Police Department, when Southgate Mayor Dennis David reinstated him to the Police Department on January 07, 2005. Southgate Mayor Dennis David defended his action in putting Officer Klonowski back on duty within three- months [and while he was still on probation]. “People should have more sympathy for the officer…No one has taken his side at all on this issue…I’d just like to see someone put themselves in his shoes….He beat this girl up…I think he’ll come back a better man for it…” Southgate Police Chief Larry Hall was furious with Mayor David’s decision, to reinstate Officer Klonowski. ….”This is an abuse of power….”This is not some love tap. This is not some shoving match. This is a martial artist, black belt, who just beat the hell out of a girl…” Mayor David later reprimanded Chief Hall for his reaction to reinstating Officer Klonowski before his one year suspension. Police chief retires after a turbulent term in post Published: Sunday, March 26, 2006 By Bobby Ampezzan, The News-Herald

And now he will be CHIEF OF POLICE AUGUST 27TH 2016 YOU WONDER WHY PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST POLICE WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE OF THE VICTIM WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SOUTHGATE — Acting on a motion by Councilwoman Michelle Davis, the City Council approved the retirement of Police Chief Larry Hall on Wednesday. When the motion was approved, nearly all in attendance applauded. Davis, who normally abstains from making motions on routine agenda items, said she especially wanted to be involved in this vote. “Yeah, I wanted it to go through,” said Davis, the wife of city Patrolman David Davis, Thus ends the four-year tenure as chief for Hall, a lawyer and university instructor who began his career 29 years ago as one of the city’s most promising recruits. He leaves after a number of legal imbroglios and six months of paid absence. In 1975, Hall graduated from Michigan State University at the very top of his class of 1,463 with a 3.98 grade-point average. At 23, he joined the Southgate Police Department in 1977 and was named the top candidate in his class. In 1985, Hall was selected as the city’s first full-time school liaison officer. However, he soon left the city for a brief time to become commander of a new Plymouth Township Police Department, a position that made him subordinate only to the chief of police. But two months later, Hall had returned to Southgate, and in May 1986, he was being considered for chiefs’ positions in St. Ignace and nearby Gibraltar. He was 32 years old. City councils in both communities adopted resolutions tentatively hiring Hall upon the completion of negotiations. But, Hall rejected the move to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and eventually the Gibraltar position was expanded, and Hall could not fill the requirements of the new post. Hall earned a law degree from Wayne State University and passed the Michigan Bar exam.


He also began teaching criminal justice courses at what is now Madonna University. Two years after his wife, Suzanne Hall, was elected as the city’s mayor in 1999, then Lt. Larry Hall was named deputy police chief. Though Suzanne Hall recused herself from the selection process, the promotion spurred controversy, which hadn’t remitted one year later when Larry Hall was named the city’s police chief. According to Michigan Public Act 78, promotions are given to personnel who perform the highest on a Civil Service examination. Seniority also is factored in. Hall got the top spot because he was the only candidate who passed the exam. He also had 25 years of experience. Suzanne Hall lost the next mayoral election to retired police Lt. Dennis David, and the relationship between the chief and the new mayor turned acrimonious. Hall was involved in separate entanglements with David, City Administrator George Mans and 28th District Judge James Kandrevas.

The court encompasses the city of Southgate. Hall clashed with David frequently over the suspension of Patrolman Brian Klonowski, who was convicted in April 2004 of assault. Hall has called David “a dictator” in the press, and David has said “(Hall) has no respect for me, and the feeling is mutual.” In July 2004, Kandrevas filed a complaint against Hall for publicly alleging the judge had reduced charges in several drunken-driving cases for personal reasons. The Attorney Grievance Commission dismissed the complaint in 2005, and Hall formally apologized for his statements. In 2005, at a meeting with Mans to discuss a grievance lodged against him by a subordinate, Hall refused to turn off a tape recorder, against Mans’ wishes. Mans suspended Hall for insubordination, and Hall filed a lawsuit against the city and won. Since his wife’s second mayoral defeat, this time in November to former Mayor Norma Wurmlinger, Hall has not returned to work. He did not return a phone call seeking comment for this report. However, former City Attorney Wallace Long, Hall’s legal counsel and friend, did comment on Hall’s retirement. “His expertise and intelligence will be missed over there,” Long said, “whether they recognize it or not.” Long represented Hall in his lawsuit against the city, and, most recently, worked on Hall’s retirement agreement. Long said Hall “ushered” the department into a more advanced technological era — the city’s computer network and wireless communications are being studied by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department — and cited Hall’s efforts in “making (his) officers responsible for themselves, their behavior” as his lasting legacy. In a press release issued Thursday, Hall said, “My creed has always been to tell people the truth and to do the right thing, regardless of the personal consequences.” Wurmlinger has concurred with the council’s vote, and if the Pension Board also accepts the agreement, Hall will retire May 3. His annual pension will be about $107,000. He also will receive a severance payment for 200 accumulated vacation days and 200 more sick days. It is further stipulated in the agreement that the city and its elected officials will “refrain from making disparaging statements regarding (Hall) at public meetings of the council, to the media, or in other public forums.” Of Hall’s pension, City Administrator Levon King said, “It’s a little higher than other command officers, but not much.” Of his retirement, Wurmlinger said: “I wish him well. … That’s my only comment.” Hall, now 52, will continue to coach the Gabriel Richard High School girls’ softball team and teach at Madonna University. But “he’ll have lots of opportunities that will be presented to him,” Long said. Deputy Chief Charles Castle has served as chief since Hall’s medical leave began in November. He will continue in that role until a new chief is named. Woman files a lawsuit against Southgate Michigan cop. Published: Sunday, August 14, 2005 By Andrea Blum, The News-Herald


SOUTHGATE — A lawsuit alleging a civil rights violation has been filed against the city by a woman accusing a police officer of brutality. It is the second lawsuit against a police officer in less than a year. The federal lawsuit charges Officer David Grondin with violating the civil rights of Christine Branum during an Oct. 1, 2004, visit police made to her house in the 14100 block of Fordline. Grondin and two other officers responded to a domestic dispute call at the house. The argument had ended when police arrived, but Grondin forced his way into the house to speak to Branum’s boyfriend, according to the lawsuit. It claims that Grondin grabbed the woman by the neck, kicked her and beat her while using abusive and vulgar language. Branum is accusing Grondin of violating her Fourth Amendment rights and seeks at least $75,000 in damages. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens against “unreasonable search and seizure.” No arrests were made in the incident.


No charges were filed against Grondin after an investigation by the Michigan State Police and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office found insufficient evidence. Grondin had been fired from the department in March 2003 for several reasons, including insubordination and a 2002 domestic assault charge involving his ex-wife and another man. He returned to the force in November 2003 after winning an arbitration dispute with the city and was on probation in that case when the October incident took place. Police Chief Larry Hall recommended firing Grondin, but Mayor Dennis David suspended him for five days. “If you don’t address these matters, they will come back,” Hall said. David said the issue being brought up is pure politics because he’s running for re-election against the police chief’s wife, Suzanne Hall. “This has been going on since the day I took office,” David said. David beat incumbent Suzanne Hall two years ago in her re-election bid for the mayor’s post. The police chief dismisses the political aspect, saying that it’s a matter of Dennis undermining his authority. “I don’t feel like I have any backing from City Hall,” Hall said. This isn’t the first time the mayor and police chief have clashed over disciplining an officer. The two butted heads earlier this year over the punishment for Patrolman Brian Klonowski, who pleaded guilty to punching a woman at a party last year in Romulus. In that case, a Dearborn Heights woman is suing Klonowski, not the city, because he was off duty when the incident occurred. Klonowski was serving a one-year suspension when David reduced the penalty to 90 days, saying that was the deal originally offered. Hall disagreed. “My ability to discipline has been totally eroded,” Hall said. “Everything I try to do is subject to being overridden by the mayor.” David, a former police officer, said he isn’t backing down from his decisions. “The actions I’ve taken for this and any other incident, I stand by,” he said. David doesn’t agree with those who say Grondin doesn’t belong on the department. “That’s outrageous,” David said. “Officers make mistakes.


There is no other community around here that has a pristine police department. “They just happen to have chiefs that stand by them, not take them out in public and spank them.”The five-day suspension was more than what the Public Safety Commission recommended, according to David. “They said he needed to have some kind of incident management training,” David said. “They said the police chief was the one at fault for not training that officer.” Hall counters that the commission is made up of David’s appointees and can only give recommendations. Branum’s attorney, Christopher Trainor, said the city should be held responsible for its actions. “What the mayor and city commission did speaks for itself,” Trainor said. “This guy shouldn’t be on the force anymore.” He rebuked the claim that the lawsuit was brought to light for political reasons. “That’s ridiculous,” he said. “This has nothing to do with any election. “I know that information I have indicates that this guy is a bad cop.” City Attorney Jack Timmony said Branum’s claims are simply allegations right now. “There’s been no finding of liability,” he said. “That will be determined in court.” Lawsuit 2:12-cv-14557-PDB-PJK Click on link below to see the lawsuit filed and won in Detroit District Court.


Southgate settles two lawsuits against court JUDGE KANDREVAS ASSERTED HIS FIFTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS 222 TIMES DURINGHIS DEPOSITION OR JUST DIDNT REMEMBER ANY DETAILS. HE HAS TO GO!!!!!! The City of Southgate settled a pair of employment lawsuits filed by former 28th District Court employees against the city alleging violations by Judge James Kandrevas. One of the plaintiffs, former court administrator Lori Shemka, filed a whistleblower action alleging, among other things, comingling of funds and fraudulent representations in applying for federal stimulus money. She also alleged Judge James Kandrevas was using the court and court employees to collect donations for his charity, Achievers Club. [via The News Herald].


The whistleblower lawsuit was filed Aug. 11 in Wayne County Circuit Court by Lori Shemka, a former court administrator. In it, she alleged wrongful discharge, violation of the state Whistleblowers’ Protection Act and First Amendment violations. Shemka, an attorney, worked at the court for about five months before she was fired. She was hired Jan. 2 as court administrator, was appointed as a magistrate Feb. 4 and was fired May 15, but paid through June 1. Shemka alleged in the lawsuit that she was fired for pointing out numerous improper and unethical financial practices at the court.

A separate work program bank account was set up without approval from the city, which is the court’s funding unit, and the account contained about $200,000.

Another allegation was that there was fraudulent representation by the court to the state and federal governments in a drug court grant application seeking funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

According to the story, Shemka’s attorney, Deborah Gordon, said Kandrevas asserted his Fifth Amendment rights 222 times during his deposition.

During Kandrevas’ deposition for the lawsuit, Gordon said she was shocked by Kandrevas’ “less than forthcoming” manner. She said he invoked the Fifth Amendment provision against self-incrimination many times during the three-day questioning period, or said he didn’t remember when asked a question. “When he took the Fifth Amendment 222 times, it was just ‘wow,’” Gordon said. “I was really surprised by how unable he was to remember key facts and tried to distance himself from having knowledge or a role. “I was shocked by how often he told me he had a bad memory; I get that from a lot of other people, but I don’t expect that from a judge.

In the other case, plaintiff Mary Dupuis-Jarbo claimed breach of contract.

Dupuie-Jarbo said in her lawsuit that she had a verbal agreement with Kandrevas for a promotion that she was denied twice in favor of people Kandrevas knew. She later was laid off. Dupuie-Jarbo began working in the court’s work program in January 2005 as a part-time supervisor. She also assisted with the drug court program and was cross-trained in other jobs pending a potential full-time position. Dupuie-Jarbo said she was pursuing a General Educational Development certificate based on a verbal promise from Kandrevas that she would be eligible for full-time work with benefits once she earned the certificate. In deposition transcripts, Kandrevas denied promising her a promotion.

After Jarbo earned her GED, she was passed over twice in favor of people Kandrevas knew, including a man who was a convicted felon. Kandrevas said Jarbo was let go because of budgetary constraints. There was also an allegation of a strange incident on Election Day 2008, when Kandrevas defeated Bill Colovos.

According to a police report, Peter Jarbo was approached at the civic center polling station by Patricia Kandrevas, and she asked who he was going to vote for. When he said that it was none of her business, she allegedly hit him on his head with a yardstick. In the report he filed with the Police Department, Jarbo said he was afraid of filing it because his mother worked for the court and he feared she could lose her job. Gordon said she believed Kandrevas pressured public officials to drop or delay handling the complaint. “He decided to file a police report and they interviewed the people that were there with the judge’s wife and never even tried to talk to the judge’s wife,” Gordon said. She said during the deposition that officers said they never interviewed Patricia Kandrevas. Judge Kandrevas also said they didn’t.

The case was eventually settled for over $300,000. Kandrevas was also the target of another lawsuit by an employee that settled for $50,000.



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