Texas Deputy Arrested for Throwing Dog Against the Wall, Assaulting Girlfriend

A Texas deputy was arrested after assaulting his girlfriend, throwing a deer head mount at her and a puppy into a wall.

Milam County sheriff’s deputy Jeffrey Wade Teasdale, 42, was arrested and charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend and cruelty to animals on October 12.

The victim approached police in Taylor, Texas on October 2 stating that her ex-boyfriend identified as Teasdale had become enraged with her during an argument.

That’s when she began recording the incident on her phone before Teasdale began grabbing her by the arms and causing her pain.

Then, Teasdale grabbed a deer head mount and threw it at her, according to the victim.

Jeffrey Teasdale(Williamson County Jail)

The victim showed police video of the argument that led up to the deer head being thrown at her.

She also recalled a separate situation with detectives that occurred on September 15 when Teasdale picked up her small dog and threw it against the wall during an argument.

Teasdale threw the dog with so much force, a hole was left in the sheetrock, according to KXXV.

The dog was believed to have no injuries.

Sheriff Chris White fired Teasdale from the Milam County Sheriff’s Office on October 5 before he was arrested because he was “not a good fit.”

Teasdale was released from jail October 12 after posting a $5,000 bond, jail records show.

Before being fired from Milam County, Teasdale worked at the Cameron Police Department.

In September 2017, Teasdale, along with Texas state troopers Ernest Del Bosque and Enrique Hernandez, fatally shot 27-year-old Richard Jeremiah Ramirez.

Teasdale worked for the Cameron Police Department at the time of the shooting.

The Texas Rangers investigated the incident before a grand jury refused to indict any of the officers involved.

It’s not clear why Teasdale left the Cameron Police Department.


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