Video shows off-duty Lansing police officer pinning down teen and choking him, threatening his life


A video has surfaced on social media that shows a white suburban police officer pinning down an African American teen and threatening his life for trespassing.

It all started Saturday afternoon when a couple of teenage boys got into a fight with another group of boys. They were able to get away only to find themselves in a totally different and unexpected fight.

“You guys are on my f—ing property!” an off-duty Lansing police officer says in the video while pinning 15-year-old Jordan Brunson to the ground with his knee, his hand on the boy’s neck.

“Let me go!” Jordan says in the video.

“No, you are on my f—ing property. I could f—ing kill you,” the officer says.

Jordan’s friend was shooting the cell phone video, which is only a few minutes long.

“Tell your friend to come here right now,” the officer says.

At one point in the video, a woman walks outside the home and says, “You guys came to the wrong house.”

Moments earlier, Jordan says he was trying to help his friend who was sitting on the officer’s porch. He had been beaten up pretty bad in a fight earlier Saturday afternoon. WGN talked to Jordan at his home Monday night.

“I was examining him. I was going to go tell his grandmother,” Jordan said. He then says the officer came out of nowhere and grabbed them both.

WGN reporter Erik Runge: “You never heard the officer ask what you doing there?”

Jordan: “No.”

Runge: “Did you ever heard the officer say get off of my property.”

Jordan: “No.”

Runge: “Did he ever identify himself as a cop?”

Jordan: “No.”

Jordan’s aunt Lashawnya Brunson posted the video that Jordan’s friend recorded to Facebook. She says the officer’s behavior is outrageous.

“If he wasn’t an officer, just a regular man, would they do the same thing? No, he’d be locked up,” she said.

On Monday night, two police officers sat in an unmarked car keeping an eye on the officer’s home. No one came do the door when WGN knocked. Reporter Erik Runge left a note asking for his side of the story. So far, he hasn’t called.

The Lansing Police Department released as statement that says, in part:

“An off-duty Lansing police officer, outside on his personal property, became involved when he was approached by two other subjects involved in the fight. One of the juveniles had visible minor injuries, and the other was temporarily detained for further investigation until the arrival of on-duty officers.”

Jordan says neither he nor his friend was approached by officers at any time.

Jordan says the off-duty officer let him up when the on-duty officers arrived. Jordan’s family filed a police report and wants the officer brought up on charges



  1. Hi there, I read through a few of your articles here.
    I did have a question though that I hope you could answer.
    I was wondering, Are the risks of being a police officer worth the rewards?
    I just got out of highschool and I’m thinking of becoming a cop.
    I would really appreciate any help you could give me!

    • Hello PoliceEDU, the risk of being a police officers versus the reward will largely depend on what you as the individual can bring to the police force and the biggest factor would be where you would be as a officer. Do you want the small town where community policing is more prevalent or the big city officer where all the action is and very little community policing?
      Is your goal to make a difference? Or just there to get your paycheck and obey your overlord? We recognize they are many fine officers that put their lives at risk to keep the peace, on the other hand the culture has also been a brotherhood protecting those bad cops who not only should lose their jobs but also do jail time. With a estimated 48 BILLION dollars in lawsuits last year and us the taxpayers footing the bill and many times that officer who caused this massive lawsuit will not only walk but get his 2 week paid vacation while investigating themselves which normally ends with we dealt with in internally with no closure other then a lawsuit for the family that is left with the after math.
      I have literally seen thousands of video’s of unjustified beatings, murders etc and can only recall TWO that the other officer stopped the crime being committed by the officer. Until the union has some common sense reform which stops the protection of bad cops this will never end. This has always gone on but now its all there on video for everyone to see and the police do NOT like the fact they are under the microscope with all these videos.
      Arresting and ruining people’s lives over a plant that causes no harm (no victim no crime) has made criminals out of tens of thousands of people who know can no longer be a productive part of society has been a epic failure, we are very glad to see some states take action and stop arrested those with personal amounts of Marijuana and common sense policy. In New York City alone the courts were clogged up with small possession charges until the frisk policy was finally squashed. In Pa they are now allowing people with medical marijuana licenses to finally be able to defend themselves (nice our 2nd amendment rights were taken away) by legally following state law just to be stripped of our right to defend ourselves and our family over a PLANT!! Suicide is very high in law enforcement, facts about officer suicide are:
      1. There is a high risk for suicide within the law enforcement profession.
      2. Alcohol plays a significant role.
      3. “Police work gets in your blood.”
      4. Silence about feelings happens on the job.
      5. There usually are warning signs.
      And interestingly enough check out these stats breakdown.
      2016 Fraternal Order of Police suicide study found a suicide rate of 22 deaths per 100,000 officers
      2016 USA Today study surveyed the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies.
      Suicide rate/100,000:
      NYPD 15.5,
      Chicago PD 18.1,
      FBI 26.1,
      LAPD 20.7,
      San Diego PD 35.7,
      US Customs 45.6
      So as you can see what job you take in law enforcement will dictate your risk factor you are asking about. Custom agents faced with deporting and breaking up families as you can see have a very high rate of suicide, being a slave to your overlord can take its toll.
      Personally being a constitutionalist would never be able to do a job that many times trample on people rights and destroys families.


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