Woman claims Hazel Park police officer used confiscated cell phone to spy on her inside her home


HAZEL PARK, Mich. – A woman claims a Hazel Park police officer was spying on her inside her home.  On Tuesday, she and her family filed a lawsuit against the officer.

The lawsuit alleges the officer confiscated a man’s cell phone during a marijuana arrest. According to the lawsuit the man is a licensed caregiver under the Medical Marijuana Act, but was arrested on marijuana charges.

The man and his fiance are new parents. In the lawsuit, the woman alleges the cell phone confiscated by the Hazel Park officer is hooked up the nanny cam inside her infant son’s bedroom.

In the lawsuit, she claims there were at least two occasions when she was naked and breastfeeding her infant son when the light to the camera turned on. She claims the only device hooked up at the time was her fiance’s phone.

At that point, she used the ‘Find My iPhone’ application and traced the phone to the officer’s personal address, where she believes he was watching her.

Now, the family has filed a lawsuit, claiming their rights were violated and they’re requesting a jury trial.

7 Action News spoke with the Hazel Park Chief of Police. He will confirm the man named is indeed an officer with his department, but he has not seen the lawsuit or been served anything, so he can not comment on it.

There will be a news conference tomorrow about this case. 7 Action News will continue to bring you updates as they become available.



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